The secret to clearer skin, stronger hair, thicker nails starts with your shower!

See How a Simple Shower Upgrade Can Revitalise Your Skin, Strengthen Your Hair, and Enhance Your Nails...

February 11, 2024 | by Florence M. Eco Water Labs

Reveal Radiant Skin and Hair with Every Toxin-Free Shower

Did you know that a staggering percentage of Australian households contain shower water laced with levels of contaminants and chemicals such as Chlorine, Flouride, chloride, and more. These have the potential to influence health issues, from skin irritations to dry and weakening hair and nails, not to mention the effects of a build up of these chemicals over time.

Imagine wrapping yourself in a blanket of these chemicals every morning, a daily dose of invisible threats soaking into your skin, the very place you seek cleanliness and comfort. 

It's like inviting danger into your home under the guise of water, the essence of life. But amidst this alarming reality, there's a glimmer of hope: a novel approach to purifying shower water, as the most significant leap in health and beauty since the advent of the water filter.

Instead of putting up with itchy/rashy skin, weak hair, and worrying about the nasty stuff in your family's shower, imagine if every shower felt like a refreshing spa visit. Picture water that's not just safe but actually makes you feel and look better, leaving your skin and hair clean and strong. This dream can be real, starting the moment you finish reading this.

From today, you can look forward to showers that not only clean but also calm and refresh your skin and hair, thanks to water that's free from invisible dangers. Think about it: better skin and hair without expensive treatments, just by cleaning up your water. This isn't just about reading an article; it's about stepping into a healthier, more beautiful life.

And that’s why this article might just be the most important thing you read all year. Take it seriously. Read it again. Then you decide if this is what you and your family needs...

“The Answer To Dirty Shower Water.”

I’m Cassie Holding, a mum of two who figured out how to make showers cleaner and healthier for my family. I’ve spent years helping young mums deal with dirty shower water, making it clean and safe, and turning their hopes for a healthier family into reality. Today, I’m sharing the clearest, most straightforward plan I’ve ever made for young mums in a bind. One that... Makes Shower Water Safe and Soft, Super Easy.

I looked back at hundreds of families I’ve helped. I wanted to know what made some of them get to cleaner water faster. What I found out was amazing...and here's why: a simple step, what I call the "360° Cleanse Core," not only made their water better but changed their lives. This wasn't just a big discovery; it was a beacon of hope for families everywhere.

And I've laid it all out in an easy-to-follow guide that opens the door to healthier, more beautiful living for your family. A guide that promises better skin, stronger hair, and comforting showers for everyone at home.

Why Breaking the Bank Isn’t Needed for Clear Skin and Healthy Hair...

And It Works Without Spending Too Much money.

Young families shouldn't have to spend $100s on fancy creams or even $1,000s on big whole home filters just to be able to shower in clean water. That’s why the solution I’m going to tell you about won’t make your wallet cry.

Why Spending Big Isn’t Always The Answer:

Imagine you’re buying lots of skincare that promises to fix everything, but really, the problem is the shower water. A study conducted in 2022 by Advanced Dermatology showed the average person spends about $722 a year on their appearance, including $320 of that on skin creams that doesn’t really get to the heart of their skin problems. And those big water filters for the whole house? They can cost more than $2,000-$5,000 and that's just the start.

So, instead of throwing your money at these expensive fixes, let's look at a smarter way. Just by removing contaminants at the source, and making your shower water cleaner can make a dramatic difference. 

Think about it: putting a filter on your shower can turn it from a place that might harm your skin into a safe spot that helps you feel and look great. You don’t have to worry about what’s in the water, and you can see the difference it makes. This way, you’re not just saving money, you’re also making a smart choice for your family’s health and looks.

All You Have To Do Is "Bid Farewell to Shower Toxins."

That’s it.

Just one simple step towards embracing the 360° Cleanse Core in your daily routine.

Transform your shower into a haven of purity and rejuvenation, free from the harsh realities of modern water supply.

And instead of worrying about the damage that hard, chemically treated water can do to your skin and hair, you're about to discover the joy of spa-like water that revitalizes every inch of you...

Imagine making this change tonight, so the first thing tomorrow, you step into a transformed showering experience.

No need to rush through your shower anymore, trying to minimize your exposure to the harsh, drying effects of untreated water.

Visualize this scenario: The early morning light seeps through your window, and as your alarm gently nudges you awake, a feeling of anticipation fills the air.

As you shuffle towards the bathroom, a sense of excitement replaces the usual morning grogginess.

The moment the water cascades over you, you realize something profound has changed.

Gone is the aggressive chemical feel of chlorine and hard minerals that once made your shower feel like an ordeal, stripping away your hair's natural vibrancy and your skin's moisture.

Now, the water envelops you in a soft, gentle embrace, reminiscent of the first warm, soothing ray of sunlight that pierces the chill of a long, dark night.

This is a promise of a day where your skin doesn't just feel moisturized—it radiates with a healthy glow, and your hair flows with strength and life, free from the brittleness and dullness of before.

Forget the constant battle with itchy skin and lifeless hair—your shower has become a sanctuary of health, a place where every droplet of water nourishes and heals.

As you step out into the dawn of a new day, your skin and hair are not just clean; they shimmer with the evidence of a truly purifying, rejuvenating shower experience.

Envision this gentle cascade of purified water turning your bathroom into a serene retreat, where each shower elevates the mundane into the extraordinary, offering you and your family a start to the day that's both refreshing and uplifting.

This is the essence of a morning transformed, where the simple act of cleansing becomes a luxurious ritual of self-care, leaving you rejuvenated and filled with a sense of well-being.

That's the beauty and promise of embracing a shower free from toxins and harshness—where every day begins with the anticipation of stepping into your own personal spa.

This revitalized morning ritual promises not just cleanliness, but a profound renewal of body and spirit, setting the tone for a day filled with confidence and vitality.

That’s what awaits you inside...

Transform Your Shower into a Luxurious Oasis with Our Top Filter Picks

Ready to upgrade your shower experience? 

Here are our best shower filter picks:

"Transform Your Shower, Embrace Pure Wellness in Minutes"

This is dramatically different than anything else you’ve ever seen about water filtration. There’s no fluff. No filler. No “theory”. You can go through the installation process in 30-60 seconds. And walk away with the kind of purified water I normally charge thousands of dollars to achieve. 

Eco Filter Pro features...

- 15-Stages of Filtration with 360° Cleanse Core system

Dive into the unparalleled depth of a 15-stage filtration system, meticulously designed to layer purification like an artisan crafting a masterpiece. Each stage is a sentinel against a specific contaminant, working in harmony to strip away everything from chlorine to heavy metals, leaving nothing but softened, spa-like water behind. This filtration odyssey doesn't just cleanse; it transforms your water into a nourishing elixir for your skin, hair, and nails.

So rather than subjecting your body to a daily dose of waterborne chemicals... get to bask in the luxury of showers that leave your skin feeling silky and your hair gleaming with health. Imagine stepping out, wrapped in the warmth of water so pure, it feels like a rejuvenation ritual crafted just for you.

- Anti-calcification and Lime Scale Properties

With the revolutionary anti-calcification and lime scale features of Eco Filter Pro, say goodbye to the dreaded build-up that's been dulling your hair and drying out your skin. This feature attacks the hard, scale-forming minerals at their source, ensuring your water is as gentle on your body as it is on your plumbing.

So rather than scraping off lime scale residue and dealing with the frustration of prematurely aged fixtures... get to enjoy a bathroom that shines and water that caresses your body, free from the harsh grip of calcification. Your mornings transform into a spa experience, where every shower leaves you more invigorated and your bathroom stays pristine.

- Easy Set Up Process

Forget the headache of complicated installation manuals or the expense of hiring professionals. The Eco Filter Pro boasts an installation process as straightforward as screwing in a light bulb. This ease of setup means you’re minutes away from transforming your daily shower into a sanctuary of health.

So rather than wasting a day trying to figure out complex systems or paying out for plumbers... get to instantly upgrade your shower experience, indulging in the benefits of purified water the same day your filter arrives. Your time is saved for what truly matters: enjoying the soothing, rejuvenating showers that await you and your family.

And much more!

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll receive inside...

  • Don't let 'Invisible Contaminants' haunt your home—dripping chemicals & heavy metals into your body. Eco Filter Pro isn’t just a solution; it’s your family's superhero against these invisible invaders.

  • Dive into the "Health & Beauty Secret" of our '360° Cleanse Core' 15-Stage Filtration System, where 'Invisible Contaminants' are trapped and neutralised, safeguarding your family's health with every shower.

  • Save $100’s per year on skin creams, cosmetics, hair & nail treatments! Remove toxins at the source and watch your skin, hair, and nails transform, glow, and shine!

  • No need to break the bank on a $5,000 - $10,000 whole home filtration behemoth with hidden maintenance fees. Eco Filter Pro is especially designed for families who prioritise health, beauty, and smart budgeting.

Here are just some of the 100+ Verified customer reviews we found:

It is good to know chlorine is being filtered out!

“The package arrived quickly and in good order, the bright shiny filter, cartridge included (with a spare to store for later) was easily installed, by my old hands, and it is good to know chlorine is being filtered out, because since i left my old home i have not had a filter on the shower, but there we had it in place for years, so i was missing it but couldn't find a suitable one.

Happy now :):)

!” – Jan L. AUS

Verified Buyer

You won’t get a better shower head for the price anywhere!

“Just arrived this afternoon. You won't get a better shower head for the price anywhere! My main problem was water pressure and that is no more! Very happy!” – Jacinta N. AUS

Verified Buyer

“Bought the 2 pack, was definitely sceptical. I'm so thrilled to report that finally I haven't wasted as single cent on an impulse online purchase!! These things are amazing!!!!! I hace very sensitive skin and it dries out really easily after showers. This has completely revolutionised my shower experince and I no longer have dry skin or itching from chlorine and my hair is so much softer after washing! Honestly I give it a 5 star rate. My partner even commented that the shower feels right posh nowadays haha! Best purchase of 2021 by far! Great job guys!” – Katie B. AUS

Verified Buyer

“These are awesome. I have tank water pumped to the house, pressure medium. This shower head makes a big difference!” – Jeanette E. AUS

Verified Buyer

“I had a pump set up before this shower head. The one I was using would lose pressure and the temp of the water went hot, cold, hot, cold, everytime the pump cut in and out but with this shower head it's so much better yes it loses a little pressure due to the pump set up but somehow the water temp was heaps better I didn't have to step in and out of the shower I can say it's the best shower head I have had so far I hope you order one and I do hope it works for you as it has worked for me.” – Jan S. AUS

Verified Buyer

“I purchased two. One for each bathroom, love love them. And I love how you can turn off at shower head.” – Rosemarie N. AUS 

Verified Buyer

“ Just bought two absolutely love them water pressure is fab thankyou, ordered two more for family.” – Dawn W. AUS

Verified Buyer

“Bought two, fast delivery all in my family love it. Going to buy another one for my double shower. – Ellen H. AUS

Verified Buyer

Skin feels great as does my hair.

“Very happy with it. Found it very relaxing and great to have three spray options to use. Skin feels great as does my hair.” – Vikiree M.AUS 

Verified Buyer

OMG it’s amazing!

“Ours have just arrived. OMG it's amazing! Water pressure 3 settings even has a stop button so I can save water. 20 out of 10 for me!” – Dianne G. AUS

Verified Buyer

It’s easy to see why the Eco filter Pro is becoming one of the must have products of 2024!

So what can you do about getting your hands on some of these powerful filters? Last time we checked, Eco Water Labs was still running some of their most popular bundles with an introductory offer for first time customers, receiving up to 30%-40% on your first order!

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